COP 26 : time for SOS GROUP to take a stance regarding world climate issues

A feedback on Glasgow’s awaited COP 26 

After several days of debates and discussions, here is what we learned from COP26. 

  • 100 countries pledge to end deforestation by 2030. 
  • More than 40 countries are planning to phase out the use of coal. The signatories, including many banks, say they are stopping funding for the coal industry. 

However, numerous demonstrations occured this week-end and gathered thousands of people accross the globe reclaiming concrete climate action on the occasion of COP 26. The young leader of the Fridays for Future Greta Thumberg once again despised the international meeting by calling it a “Global North greenwash festival”.


An approach rooted throughout the SOS GROUP  

Organisations must contribute to meeting the environmental, social and societal challenges of our time. Declarations are not enough: responsible commitment must be proven by actions. The SOS GROUP, aware of its responsibilities as an organisation, has published its 2020 Sustainable Development Report, which demonstrates the commitment and concrete actions of all our activities.   

COP 26 is the occasion for SOS GROUP’s President Jean-Marc Borello to assert the importance of climate action:  “our approach is based on two pillars: promoting and intensifying the ecological transition through our activities; and engaging the entire SOS GROUP and its members.” 

It is time to take concrete action from all actors concerned by climate change and we, companies have a key role to play especially in carbon offsetting. You can find a feedback on our [18:18] discussion that happenend on the 9th of november where we discussed with experts and professionnals, the stakes of deforestation and carbon offsetting. SOS GROUP organized it jointly with Planète Urgence, an actor already used to concrete climate actions.

Planète Urgence’s position statement and commitment to environmental preservation

Planète Urgence, an SOS GROUP association of international solidarity and environmental preservation, is this year positioned on climate by publishing its tribune. Its aim is to raise awareness on climate finance needs and the importance of supporting alternatives to carbon offsetting. 

Planète Urgence acts actively on its scale for the climate, in particular with its Environment and Development program, which provides a local and integrated response to the pressures exerted on ecosystems. It is the goal of our project MERCI, located on the island of Java in Indonesia where we work to preserve and restore the mangrove ecosystem. As well as reducing the risks of natural disasters, it indirectly helps protect its local endangered species, the Java rhino. 

This project was quoted as an example by the IUCN in 2020 as a Nature-based solution. Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are defined as “actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems, that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits”. 

Hence, Planète Urgence has an active engagement towards climate action and acts every day to preserve and recondition nature and its ecosystems. Everyone can involve themselves, individuals, companies and other communities in favour of the climate through our projects. 

Contact Planète Urgence here : contact@planete-urgence.org 

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