5 initiatives that rhyme Europe and SSE

The European Union is a wonderful opportunity to share skills and pool positive initiatives. For more than 15 years, Groupe SOS has been working with many European partners to place the social and solidarity economy at the heart of the old continent, in many fields. Agroecology, food, integration through employment… Discover 5 of our projects carried out beyond European borders!


A project to put cooking at the service of the well-being of the elderly

Our association Silver Fourchette leads a European project: Tous en Cuisine, cooking of generations and horizons, is co-financed by INTERREG Rhine – Superior and in partnership with a Swiss association. It fights against the isolation of the elderly through cooking workshops that bring together seniors and young people from different countries.

Technology for a better world

The GIFT project is funded by Erasmus+ and led by H7 in partnership with BeCentral (Belgium). It brings together high-tech entrepreneurs from several European countries for co-construction workshops and the exchange of best practices so that everyone can increase their societal impact.

Restoring heritage, a path to the professional world

The HERO project, is funded by Erasmus+ and led by Acta Vista in partnership with Grada Dragodid (Croatia), Boulouki (Greece), BAO formation (France), and Pour La Solidarité (Belgium). Its objective is to promote the socio-professional integration of people who are far from employment by increasing the skills of professional trainers on the inclusive and ecological aspects of the sector of renovation of threatened historical heritage.

Digital education for all! 

The WISE (Work Integration Social Enterprises) for Digital Upskilling project, funded by Erasmus+, led by Ateliere Fara Frontiere in partnership with Formació i Treball (Spain), Brigades Nature (France), ENSIE (Belgium, EU) and RISE România. The mission is to train vulnerable people in digital tools to facilitate their professional integration. It improves the mentoring skills of those who work in social enterprises and train vulnerable people.

A more feminine entrepreneurial world

The FoWoSe project is funded by Erasmus+ and led by PULSE to make the entrepreneurial ecosystem more diverse and inclusive towards women by mainstreaming gender equality issues in a transversal way in all areas of business. It also allows the development of the structures’ staff skills to better train and accompany women social entrepreneurs. 

Europe is a vast stage with diversified actors, thus the opportunities are numerous. Our conviction: to act with its different actors, whatever the nationalities, to fight, act and innovate together to meet the needs of society.



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