Gender equality, everywhere!

Women are most affected by territorial disparities. As a result, they face obstacles in finding employment, and in accessing healthcare, rights and transportation. On March 8, the International Women’s Rights Day, Groupe SOS reaffirms its commitment to fighting all kinds of exclusion, and takes a step forward gender equality across all regions.

1 in 3 French women lives in rural areas, which means 11 million French women. There, gender inequalities are more prevalent than elsewhere in the country. As women are more likely to be vulnerable to insecurity, violence, and social inequality in healthcare and employment, Groupe SOS, the leading social and solidarity economy NGO, is committed to launching a wide range of measures, to provide appropriate solutions and programmes in priority neighbourhoods and rural areas.

Groupe SOS’ actions include:

YSOS : the non-profit organisation provides support in rural areas to women who are victims of violence and excluded, helping them rebuild themselves in a safe environment while developing their future projects. It runs Van Plurielles, a touring organisation which raises awareness and educates vulnerable groups on gender equality and fighting gender-based violence.

Pulse : many women are still kept out of the entrepreneurial world, as they are often excluded from financing and restricted by many obstacles – both imposed on them and self-imposed. Therefore, PULSE is working to integrate a stronger gender focus into its programmes. Now, 66% of those supported by the non-profit organisation are women. Thanks to #EllesEnsemble programme, PULSE is supporting female entrepreneurs in carrying out their projects in Seine-Saint-Denis and in Marseille.

Creatis : the non-profit organisation provides support to all those involved in media and cultural transition throughout the various stages of  their projects. Through the Source programme, it supports female entrepreneurs excluded from media and culture ecosystems to develop new ways to express themselves and end inequality in this sector.

Groupe SOS Santé : the growing doctor exodus from rural areas is particularly affecting gynaecological care. To address this challenge, Groupe SOS Santé has set up private non-profit hospitals and works every day to improve women’s healthcare. In its non-profit hospitals in Saône-et-Loire and Meurthe-et-Moselle, Groupe SOS has set up centres offering expertise in endometriosis to end the patient’s medical errancy by ensuring them a proper diagnosis and support.


Wimoov : mobility plays a key role in tackling all the problems related to isolation in rural areas. Working to promote women’s mobility means providing every woman with greater access to employment, healthcare and leisure opportunities, helping to prevent women’s exclusion. Thanks to training, financial and material assistance, the non-profit organisation seeks to find personalised and adapted solutions for every woman’s situation.


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