Ecological Transition

Meeting environmental challenges

Ecological transition is one of the challenges taken up by SOS GROUP.

Our ambition in this age of scarcity is to supply essential goods and services to as many people in need as possible: food from sustainable agriculture, green and inclusive mobility and housing, while preserving natural capital and encouraging the growth of circular economy. The necessity is clear: do better with less.

We also develop solutions for the transition of skills and professions towards a green economy, positive impact participatory finance schemes, and we offer strategy consulting to transitioning territories and companies.


tons of food saved up and
redirected towards food aid

Preserve natural capital

Providing services in green and natural spaces management, while hiring and training long-term unemployed people schools training tomorrow’s landscape gardeners.

Accelerate agriculture and food transition

Creating agro-ecological farms, training in new farming methods and trades; food programs for seniors and children, food aid thanks to a network of nearly 400 solidarity grocery shops…

Education and formation

We believe that transmission is key when it comes to valorizing our various territories. On our school benches, tomorrow’s landscape architects learn how to stream the ecological transition at the local scale. We also teach future farmers how to revitalize their territory through agriculture.

Participative financing

By connecting savers and economic players in the agricultural and food transition, our donation and participatory loan platform accelerates these transitions, supports job creation and innovation, and allows resources to be stepped up to rural areas.