Quality healthcare for everyone

Private Hospitals vs. Public Hospitals? SOS GROUP and its modus operandi present an alternative: public hospital management by a private, but not-for-profit organization.

We help maintain essential healthcare services in places where medical services are absent or scarce. If needed, social assistance is offered alongside health care.

structures : 9 hospitals, 2 assistant
nurse training centers & 2 at-home
healthcare services 



Emergency services, general practice, surgery, obstetrics, recuperative care facilities, psychiatry, medical screening, palliative care… high-quality services designed for everyone in all neighbourhoods.

At-home healthcare

Nursing care services including both technical care (e.g., injections/intravenous solutions, dressings …) and basic or relational care (personal grooming …).

Assistant nurses training centers

Formation and training through cross-field internships (surgery, general practice, psychiatric healthcare…) and indoor lectures in our centers.