Protecting the environment, improving people’s living standards and promoting education for all are among the greatest challenges of our time. These matters are everything but seperate : building bridges between them is the core mission of our organizations Santé Sud, Planète Urgence, Ateliere Fara Frontiere, Afghanistan Libre, PLAY International and Impact Campus.

Quality care for all

In the countries where we operate, the health situation is often worrying, and has gotten worse due to the 2020 global pandemic crisis of COVID-19. In the aim of supporting the most vulnerables, we train and assist health and social professionals so they can take more effective action in the field.

Santé Sud, following its motto « Everyone deserves quality care », supports health, social and nonprofit structures in developing countries with a focus on West and North Africa, and Madagascar. Its methodology of action is based on thorough need assessments among underserved communities, in close collaboration with local authorities and civil society organisations. It fosters the acceleration of best practices and the evolution of public health policies.

A dignified life in a preserved environment

Protecting the environment and improving people’s standard of living are major challenges in the 21st century.

Bringing them together is one of SOS GROUP International action’s missions and two of our nonprofit organizations have made it their priority: Planète Urgence and Ateliere Fara Frontiere.

  • Planète Urgence works to strengthen the autonomy of populations and the protection of their environment in the world’s most threatened ecosystems, such as the coastline of Cameroon, Madagascar and Indonesia.
  • Ateliere Fara Frontiere is dedicated to the social and professional inclusion of the most marginalized populations in Romania around reconditioning and anti-waste activities.

Education for social change

Education means giving the youngest the keys they need to become accomplished adults. It also means making future generations more conscious and tolerant, and made up of autonomous individuals. We believe that changing the rules of the game will mainly be achieved through education.

  • PLAY International promotes education for all by using sport as a lever to teach and stimulate social change all around the world, from West Africa to the Balkans.
  • Afghanistan Libre develops actions aimed at directly improving the living conditions of Afghan women and girls in the most remote areas, so they can play an active role in the reconstruction of their country.
  • Impact Campus – startup EdTech – trains students and professionals to develop essential skills in a world in transition, in order to become impact-concious decision-makers.


TAPIA Project

Implemented by Planète Urgence, the TAPIA project aims to preserve the forest of tapia trees producing wild silk through sustainable reforestation and increase in the communities’ managing the forest by developing non-timber forest products.

The Reconect workshop

Reconect is Ateliere Fara Frontiere’s first
professional inclusion workshop. By collecting and recycling waste and electronic equipment, AFF offers jobs to the most excluded, helps protect the environment and provides reconditioned computers to schools throughout Romania.


The EJO project
Burundi, Senegal, Liberia, Kosovo

Ejo is a major education through sport project benefiting more than 80,000 children in 4 countries, deployed from 2019 by PLAY International. By using methods such as “Playdagogy,” it intends to contribute to changing the way sport is used by actors in these countries.