Fostering the emergence of social impact projects

Every day, large and small companies, start-ups, research laboratories, nonprofit organizations, mutual companies, cooperatives and foundations create and support projects and activities that serve the common good. These players all contribute to the emergence of a new form of entrepreneurship, less spectacular than some others but more human, more supportive and more effective. This ambitious but realistic entrepreneurship movement is committed to creating wealth benefiting everyone, including the most marginalized.


SOS GROUP Pulse is an accelerator/stimulator of social innovation projects. It focuses on inventing a new economy, which core values are social relationships and environmental preservation, in order to meet to the huge challenges of this century.


SOS GROUPE Consulting helps organization anticipate changes in consumption practices, and integrate social, societal and environmental challenges into their strategy. 

As the first nonprofit, social company-owned consulting firm, SOS GROUP Consulting leverages the knowledge and expertise SOS GROUP has built for the past 35+ years.


Its mission is to reinvent, build and promote a new economy, more inclusive and sustainable. SOS GROUP Consulting helps organizations – corporations, nonprofit organizations, institutional investors as well as local governments – generate positive impact and build a better world for future generations.