Every day, large and small companies, start-ups, research laboratories, nonprofit organizations, mutual companies, cooperatives and foundations create and support projects and activities that serve the common good. These players all contribute to the emergence of a new form of entrepreneurship, less spectacular than some others but more human, more supportive and more effective. This ambitious but realistic entrepreneurship movement is committed to creating wealth benefiting everyone, including the most marginalized.


PULSE is an association established in 2006 whose mission is to support and promote entrepreneurship as a lever for inclusive and sustainable development.

At PULSE, we believe that each of us can become a change-maker if given the opportunity. In the 18 countries where we are active, we foster access to entrepreneurship and funding through 28 support programs and awareness-raising actions. PULSE also operates various impact incubators in Africa and in Europe: Lab’ess (Tunisia), Oribi (South Africa), PULSE Montreuil (France), Jógjëf (Senegal). Every year, more than 550 entrepreneurs receive tailor-made support from PULSE to start or sustain their businesses.

PULSE is part of SOS GROUP international action.


GROUPE SOS Consulting leverages the knowledge and expertise SOS GROUP has built for the past 35+ years.

Its mission is to reinvent, build and promote a new economy, more inclusive and sustainable in helping organizations – corporations, nonprofit organizations, institutional investors as well as local governments – generate positive impact and build a better world for future generations.

GROUPE SOS Consulting leads several projects with an international lens such as Pact for Impact, a global alliance of like-minded organizations and states willing to shed a light on impact-driven organizations, and Impact Tank, a think-and-do-tank focused on learning and sharing research on impact measurement with academics.


PPI (People Power Inclusion) is a non-governmental organisation that fosters entrepreneurship and positive economy in more than 20 countries, throughout Africa and the Middle East. The majority of its 2 billion direct beneficiaries are women and youth since they are the most affected by educational and economic insecurity.

PPI’s 14 current projects aim at reinforcing socio-economic resilience of populations excluded from traditional education and employments channels through three main fields: financial inclusion, entrepreneurship and inclusive value chains. Its local experts working hand-to-hand with the populations are the main source to PPI’s programs efficiency.

Its 6 permanent offices in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Egypt and Madagascar enable PPI’s strong integration on the field.