One society for all, one place for everyone

Everyone at SOS GROUP believes in ‘social fertility’, meaning that each person has something to offer to the society in which he or she lives. We therefore set up, both in France and abroad, solidarity-based actions towards all : people with or without disabilities, the homeless and people living in inadequate housing, people suffering from HIV/AIDS and people suffering from addictions, LGBTIQ+ community members, migrants, sex workers… We believe social exclusion and insecurity can be greatly reduced by constantly being on the lookout for innovative solutions and by putting them into action.

structures and services



Specialized housing centers for dependent people, support services providing adapted amenities for physical, cognitive and psychological recovery, social (re)integration, social life support services.

Housing and social action

Shelters for homeless people, transitional housing for marginalized people in need of stability, reception centers for migrants asking for asylum …


Actions in the fields of drug abuse prevention, housing, healthcare, social and professional integration, and the reduction of drug-oriented behaviour.

Healthcare with temporary housing

“Beds in healthcare day centers” providing temporary housing and healthcare to the homeless; “Medical coordination homes” providing housing and assistance to people suffering from serious illnesses.

Community health services and fight against discrimination

We created the first HIV/AIDS express screening center as well as a social life support center for people coping with chronic and disabling pathologies (HIV/AIDS, cancer, neurological diseases, etc.).