AGreenLab, an entrepreneurship program for young people on renewable energies


Launched by People Power Inclusion (PPI) from GROUPE SOS, the AGreenlab program intends to encourage youth to become entrepreneurs in Africa, through incubation and accelerating programs. AGreenlab seeks to build partnerships and develop investments between European and African countries, by establishing strong cooperation with experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, agribusiness and renewable energies.

Let’s meet Assane Seck, Renewable energy Expert in charge of training and coaching for the AGreenLab program.


What is your area of expertise?

The renewable energies are energies that renew themselves fairly quickly. We can take solar energy which produces electricity through photovoltaic panels, wind energy generated by wind turbines, or even geothermal energy, which comes from the subsoil.

Valorizing biomass is important as it provides us, through a process of methanization, biogas – essentially composed of methane gas and carbon dioxide. After the methanization phase, we obtain green fertilizer, which we can use in agricultural production.


What are the stakes of renawable energies in target countries?

In terms of socio-economic stakes, what is striking is the crucial need of universal access to electricity. Without electrical power, development is not something we can consider. In our countries, most cities and rural areas have no access to electricity. Thanks to renewable energies, we can generate electricity to enable people to engage in income generating activities and to improve their kids’ school conditions.

Environmental issues are also adressed with renawable energies, as they contribute to the protection of ecosystems and to the reduction of pollution.

On the other hand, geopolitical stakes are high: each country has to be independent when it comes to energy. There is a significant solar energy potential and biomass resource that can be converted into other types of energies to achieve energy independence.


What is PPI’s approach to address these challenges?

PPI, through the AGreenLab program, supports 99 young people who carry out renewable energy and agribusiness projects. These young entrepreneurs are coached and after nine months, they are provided with customized and innovative funding, according to the development stage of their project. Personally, I provide them with training on renewable energies.