SOS GROUP is Europe’s first company devoted to social and societal change.

For over 35 years, SOS GROUP has applied cost efficiency at the service of the common good. With this approach, SOS GROUP meets contemporary social issues by developing innovative solutions in 9 main fields of activity: International action, Youth, Employment, Solidarities, Health, Seniors, Culture, Ecological transition, Territorial action.

Every year, 1.7 million people in the world receive help through one of our actions.

Chaired by Jean-Marc Borello, SOS GROUP expands through the creation of new programs and through the institutions, companies and non-profit organizations that join us. Under the guidance and umbrella of the group, they pool their expenses, stabilize their budget, create synergies, professionalize their practices, innovate, grow… All in order to better meet society’s needs as well as social, economic and environmental challenges.

Our course: the common good

One group, one goal: the common good. We constantly push towards social, societal and environmental impact and our whole corporate model is entirely devoted to that goal. We have no shareholders, our wage range is regulated and we systematically reinvest surpluses in the improvement of our programs.

Passion and expertise

Our teams are our wealth. 98% of SOS GROUP employees find their work meaningful. To find the optimal balance between cost efficiency and the common good, professionalization is essential: both at the individual and organizational levels.

In touch with the field

With a hands-on approach, our employees are in the best position to identify social needs. This is why decisions are made as close to the ground as possible. Everyone can suggest how to improve the actions and systems they are in charge of.

Social innovation at heart

Poverty, environment, economic development… Coping with all these challenges, the society awaits one thing: new solutions, everywhere. We believe innovation can help all aspects of the society and make it fairer and more sustainable. We therefore strive to develop new and sustainable models and prove that cost efficiency can serve the common good.

A taste of utopia

We do not want a society of haves and have-nots. Everyone must access quality services according to their basic needs, and social exclusion must be fought up-front. Our motto: Make do with reality but never accept it.

Meeting environmental challenges

Preparing the future means facing environmental emergency. Along with the actions led by SOS GROUP Ecological transition, all our actions take fully into account four essential themes: energy impact, healthy food, responsible consumption and circular economy.

Collegial decision-making

Involvement, responsibility, transparency, ethics and collegiality are at the core of all decision making in the group’s management and control departments. The members of all our entities commit to harmonize their governance methods by creating a common Board (« Directoire ») — the collegial executive arm of the group. Its mission is essentially to implement the orientations given by the boards of the member organizations.

A diverse pool of talents

Our human capital is our main asset. It is the ground for the well-known excellence of our methods and the quality of our development. This is why we aim for a human resources policy that is both ambitious and unifying.

Thinking across all fields

The diversity of our actions makes us solid. Day in day out, we gather our strengths, always to seek a greater and better impact. We facilitate cross-field interactions between teams in order to create new cross-disciplinary solutions.

Thinking internationally

Even if the group originated in France, we have to look at what is happening in the rest of the world, and act on it. Solidarity, as well as innovation and skills, must cross borders to allow people to gather around meaningful European initiatives, to support social and environmental entrepreneurship worldwide, and to enable NGOs and local players to have an impact.

An expanding group

Our size allows us to stand strong. It is an asset for projects longevity, careers and our independence. Our growth comes from a unique model: nonprofit filiation. The nonprofit organizations that join us subscribe to the project and values of SOS GROUP, but they remain experts in their own field.

Inspire and fuel

SOS GROUP wants to share its observations, expertise and know-hows to transform society. We advocate for each of our major areas of intervention, we support the growth of new projects, we advise companies and communities, we give space and voice to outstanding initiatives during our events.