Social entrepreneurship for development and international solidarity

For the past 35+ years, SOS GROUP has been fighting inequalities and has been developing innovative solutions to build a more inclusive society for all. In Europe or worldwide, we work in close collaboration with numerous local public and private players, committed to working alongside with them for a more equitable and united world, more protective of its environment. SOS GROUP believes that development policies should focus on entrepreneurship, the creation of decent and inclusive jobs, creativity and innovation, sustainable consumption and production. In all our international fields of action, the potential of social entrepreneurship appears to be one of the most promising ways of achieving the SDGs set by the UN for 2030.

A commitment towards developing countries

Following SOS GROUP’s logic in terms of pooling support functions, the International Action field has been structured around a General Management department within which a department dedicated to HR, Administration and Finance has been set up, enabling entities to focus on their operations while improving their management.

The NGOs of the International Action field aim to deepen their expertise so that each of them can become specialists in their area of intervention.

Thus, they wish:

First, to strengthen their impact measurement tools in order to better understand the effects of their actions on their stakeholders and to guide their strategy for the coming years.

Secondly, to maintain their local recruitment strategy, to strengthen the skills of local players without replacing them.

Finally, to open up to new territories, by investing in countries bordering or close to their current area of action.

Find out more about our activities “International Action


Exporting our know-how and expertise

SOS GROUP has developed an in-depth expertise in various fields and business functions:

  • Ecological transition & environmental transformation
  • Ageing population & elderly care
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Impact investing
  • Services to socially marginalized populations
  • People & HR management
  • Nonprofit management.

Created in 2018, GROUPE SOS Consulting is the transversal consulting activity of SOS GROUP.

Its purpose is to help, in France and abroad, companies, public partners, medico-social institutions, nonprofit organizations and NGOs, investors and international players to face their new challenges. Its mission: to help them anticipate changes in habits, expectations and lifestyles by taking into account into their strategy current social, societal and environmental issues.

The strength of GROUPE SOS Consulting: to be the first consulting firm in France combining the experience of both « field experts » and consultants, taking advantage of our renowned know-how in factoring social and environmental issues.

Integration of new entities in SOS GROUP

In the future, SOS GROUP will continue to expand internationally.

In order to ensure there are enough means for social innovation and management in a demanding and constrained environment, SOS GROUP’s strategy is to bring nonprofit organizations together.

SOS GROUP has thus developed through internal growth but also through the progressive integration of external organizations.

In this time of international expansion, SOS GROUP invites interested entities to get in touch by sending an email to