Social entrepreneurship for an inclusive development and a stronger international solidarity

For the past 35+ years, SOS GROUP has been fighting inequalities and has been developing innovative solutions to build a more inclusive society for all. In Europe or worldwide, we work in close collaboration with numerous local public and private players, committed to working alongside with them for a more equitable and united world, more protective of its environment. SOS GROUP believes that development policies should heavily focus on entrepreneurship, the creation of decent and inclusive jobs, creativity and innovation, sustainable consumption and production, and access to healthcare and education for all. In all our international fields of action, the potential of social entrepreneurship appears to be one of the most promising ways of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, set by the United Nations for 2030.

A commitment towards developing countries

Working internationally in a wide span of fields, SOS GROUP aims at a triple economic, social and environmental impact, and relies on an open partnership strategy, including the for-profit private sector.  

The SOS GROUP’s social enterprises and associations work in more than forty countries to promote respect for fundamental rights and environment, inclusive and sustainable development, and the emergence of socially innovative projects.

To carry out our actions, we build long-term partnerships with local actors from the profit and nonprofit sectors. Find out more about our activities “International Action”.


Exporting our know-how and expertise

SOS GROUP has developed an in-depth expertise in various fields and business functions:

  • Ecological transition & environmental transformation
  • Ageing population & elderly care
  • Child care and child protection
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Impact investing
  • Services to socially marginalized populations
  • People & HR management
  • Nonprofit management
  • Etc.

Created in 2018, SOS GROUP Consulting is the transversal consulting activity of SOS GROUP.

Its purpose is to help, in France and abroad, companies, public partners, medico-social institutions, nonprofit organizations and NGOs, investors and international players to face their new challenges. Its mission: to help them anticipate changes in habits, expectations and lifestyles by taking into account into their strategy current social, societal and environmental issues in their strategies.

The strength of GROUPE SOS Consulting: to be the first consulting firm combining the experience of both « field experts » and consultants, taking advantage of our renowned know-how in factoring social and environmental issues.


Integration of new entities in SOS GROUP

In order to ensure there are enough means for social innovation and management in a demanding and constrained environment, SOS GROUP’s strategy is to bring nonprofit organizations together.

Since its creation in 1984, SOS GROUP has developed through internal growth, but also through the progressive integration of external organizations. In the future, SOS GROUP intends to continue its international expansion by creating new projects and structures abroad and by joining forces with existing organizations.

SOS GROUP invites interested entities to get in touch by sending an email to